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Goomeri State School Visits Camp Chilli

December 8, 2009

This September, the Year 2/3 Class of Goomeri State School paid a visit to Camp Chilli.  Click HERE to see the pictures.  Here is their report:
On Tuesday 15 September 2009, we (the Year 2/3 Class of Goomeri State School) went to Camp Chilli. We saw lots of amazing Australian Animals like a goanna camouflaged on a tree and very cute baby koalas. When we got to Camp Chilli we saw a kangaroo called Skippy, a koala called Hayley and her baby. There was also another koala in the tree. We met Steve Irwin’s parents and lots of other special people.

Bob spoke to us first and introduced us to the following special people.

Ellie from the RSPCA spoke to us about all the great work the RSPCA does for the animals. Ellie also spoke to us about the “5 Freedoms”. These are: Freedom from hunger and thirst, Freedom from discomfort, Freedom from pain, distress and disease, Freedom to exercise, Freedom from being frightened and worried. If you ever see an injured animal, call 1300animal.

Gabrielle showed us some very rare turtles, like the Mary River Turtle (his name is Travis), the Irwin Turtle and turtles that weren’t rare like the long neck and snake necked turtle.

Clare (a carer), showed us a Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat. It lives in South Australia. Clare went a long way to get the wombat. The wombats name is Wally. Clare fed the baby koalas and Wally. She fed them with tiny bottles with special milk. Wally was very shy. We saw a tiny koala that was an orphan, so it was in a small pillow case. There were also two other baby koalas. The baby koalas were so cute that when we saw them we all said “Ahhhhhhhh!!”  Clare had a basket for the baby koalas. In the basket were two big teddy bears to keep the baby koalas company.

We read our brochures on Australian Animals that we researched during Term 3. Everyone loved them. We sang our songs, “Home Among The Gum Trees” and “Old Man Emu”.

Thanks everyone who made this excursion possible.


Bob and Judy,

Thank you for making Bob Irwin’s Environment Facility at Camp Chilli available to the Year 2 and Year 3 students of Goomeri State School on 15 September 2009.

The students thoroughly enjoyed their visit. They were rewarded with a fountain of knowledge and are our future Wildlife Ambassadors. Upon reflection, the students’ learning has been greatly enhanced with your contribution.

Your dedication to conservation and being an advocate for our environment and native wildlife is vital for our present and future generations.

I would also like to thank the following organisations and people for their contribution to the students learning on the day: 

  • Ellie from the RSPCA – discussing and explaining about the “5 Freedoms”;Gabrielle for showing and explaining about the various turtles and their habitats;
  •  Clare – a wildlife carer - for sharing her Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat and the koalas that were in her care;
  • and Sergeant Lohmann – Adopt-a-Cop for Goomeri State School – for his time and assistance.
As Principal of Goomeri State School P-10, I look forward to having further contact with you.

Leon Doorackers, Principal
Goomeri State School, Queensland

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