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April 25, 2010

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I was honoured recently to be invited to attend  the Australian Society for Kangaroos, fundraiser.  This is such a great cause with its members, working tirelessly to bring the plight of the kangaroo to the attention of all Australians.  I wanted to lend my support to their efforts, as they need all the help they can get in their endeavours to stop the slaughter of our roos in the kangaroo industry.

Due to my medical hiccup, I was unable to attend their event, but instead, I was able, with the help of some IT friends, to put a message onto a video.  Here is the youtube link - 

This is their report on the extremely successful afternoon.

An Afternoon with Australian Icons Report, an event for the Australian Society for Kangaroos, May 23rd, 2010, at the Revesby Workers Club, Sydney.
I am so happy to announce that our Afternoon with Australian Icons was a roaring success!!! The Australian Society  for Kangaroos (ASK) made $6,850 in profit. Nikki Sutterby, President of ASK has stated that one third of the funds be distributed to the administrative side, such as printing, Freedom of Information Requests from the Government, and legal costs.The second third to be used for educational materials such as flyers about what is happening to the kangaroos, stickers and business cards, to reach the public further afield, The final third to be invested for future campaign costs.
An attendance of around 200 people were impressed with the line up and programme, Lynda Stoner and Johnny Pace were fabulous with their introductions and auction skills.The vocalists from the Advance Talent Programme were sensational in singing the National Anthem to begin the show. Lucky Starr and  Frankie Davidson had everyone clapping, swaying with arms in the air, and singing to Australian songs, and the tap dancers "The Next Step" were brilliant with their enthusiastic performance. The bush poet Kevin Campbell, had the audiece laughing at his humerous emu and kangaroo poem.
The Speakers were dynamic, they produced much emotion and passion during  all of their speeches, the audience were wonderful, they listened intently to every word. Fiona Corke and Nikki Sutterby introduced the ASK with so much feeling and many descriptions of the lobbying and various work they have done over the years in helping kangaroos. Bob Irwin's DVD message was very deep and moving, spoken with true passion. Lee Rhiannon, Mark Pearson were mesmorizing giving much information, and John Lyle, the kangaroo carer from Oberon, was so impressive with 2 talks. Dr Howard Ralph also came up for a short but meaningful talk about wildlife.
Carol Maroun did a fantastic job of setting the stage up as an Australiana feel, which set the atmosphere ready for an afternoon full of entertainment, serious talks about the kangaroo's alarming situation, and heart felt reactions from both celebrities and the audience were both suprising and encouraging.
I'm sure everyone enjoyed the day as much as I, and took away a huge amount of information with them, to continue to do their best to help our Australian National Icon, the Kangaroo.
It was truly an inspiring afternoon with Australian Icons.
Australian Society for Kangaroos

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