Friday, May 13, 2011

Gas Coal Seam Fire Poison Horror

What an absolute horror story! And all Australians should take note that this same gas industry has started in Australia.  So far only 5,000 wells have been dug (in America over 250,000 wells have gone down) - with huge problems already - not to mention the amount of toxic chemicals that will eventually end up in the Great Artesian Basin - water source for much of our wildlife as well as our cattle and the country folk who rely on the Artesian basin for their water supply.
Every citizen in every country should WATCH THIS CLIP! 

This video clip is 15 mins long - so take a look when you've got enough time.

And have a read of THIS ARTICLE too!

Our governments are totally corrupt and have no credibility whatsoever!

This link to the Four Corners Program aired on 21/2/2011 about the coal gas industry here and the problems it's produced already.

It's time EVERYONE had something to say about this disaster in the making!!!

Bob Irwin

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