Saturday, May 14, 2011

Australian Society for Kangaroos TV Commercial

Hello everyone,

As you know I've been speaking out against the Kangaroo Industry here in Australia for a number of years now - it is not sustainable - and soon we'll be hearing of the near-extinction of our beautiful kangaroos and wallaroos.

The Australian Society for Kangaroos has had a tv commercial produced speaking out against the industry and it's cruelty to our roos.

If you're in Australia, you'll be able to watch this commercial on the net, however, overseas people won't be able to watch it YET.  This is because of restricted music rights on the song that is played during the commercial.       Hopefully the problem will be resolved soon and then everyone will be able to watch the commercial.

The link below takes you directly to the TV ad and also the rest of their new website with lots of current information about the kangaroo industry and our other campaigns.

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to this ad and another way to help. I was in wildlife care for a long time and a wallaroo that was bought south by some tourists that came to me, was successfully returned to your property. I continue to look for new avenues to help our voiceless wildlife and I think you've introduced me to a couple more. Best wishes to you all.