Friday, February 11, 2011


Another Australian species faces extinction, and only through understanding and action can we stop the inevitable fate of the Fraser Island Dingo! Jennifer Parkhurst highlighted the need for such action with her photographs and articles:  

"The cruel occurrence of starvation, hazing (aversive conditioning), collaring, destruction of pups, removal of territorial ground, fencing, electric grids, and uncontrolled burns, threatens to wipe out the dingoes on Fraser Island forever. Yet I am constantly inspired by the dingoes’ ability to survive despite this ongoing  persecution. But they can’t survive indefinitely.’ (extract from Jennifer Parkhurst's Plea for the dingoes)

Save Fraser Island Dingoes Inc. was formed to protect and preserve this Iconic Australian species, especially in a World Heritage National Park that should be a natural sanctuary. Animals have the right to their territory, and the right to access their food, to live without fear of being hit by vehicles or harassed by people, and to belong to a pack that hasn't been torn apart by unnatural culling.

Dingo conservation can only happen through public support and education and by applying pressure on the government to change current management practices. For more Info please visit:  or Facebook sites ‘Save Fraser Island Dingoes’ and ‘Support Jennifer Parkhurst Wildlife Photographer’, or e-mail Save Fraser Island Dingoes Inc. at

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  1. This photograph in the newspaper is just awful. This should be shocking enough for people to make a stand regarding dingo culling!

  2. The below is email I sent to Anna Bligh after I sent similar one to Minister Ms Jones -

    Dear Premier Anna Bligh

    Re: Fraser Island - World Heritage Listed 1992 (as per attached government fact sheet).

    I would like to advise that the dingoes on Fraser Island were much healthier in 1992 when the island was declared World Heritage Listed.

    Today the dingoes are suffering (often emaciated, not to mention the sand intake in the gut). I understand their natural foods are not meeting their requirements and haven’t done for a long time. Many of us have photographic proof of the deterioration of the dingoes on the island since 1992.

    I feel I need to bring this to your attention, especially as the government clearly finds it amusing completing dingo autopsy result forms noting the cause of death as "Rifleitis" and "Hot Lead". You too may like to view the autopsy result forms.

    What chance do the dingoes have with that attitude of government officials? Surely the media can also gain access to such documents. The community has a right to know of such horrific 'findings'.

    The failing management plan of the dingoes on Fraser Island desperately and urgently needs to be amended, and, in conjunction with the grass roots of the community. Many of us are very experienced in the field of animals, and, in particular native animals.

    Can you please help further? We have so many fantastic and achievable solutions as you no doubt would be aware.

    I look forward to your response before it is too late for the dingoes. Their time is very short as it is. Please try and understand this.

    Your urgency to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Yours faithfully
    Tania Hossack

    The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

    -Mahatma Gandhi -