Sunday, February 6, 2011


February 7, 2011: Bob Irwin launches BOB’S MISSION CASSOWARY to help Australia’s big birds of the rainforest get back on track after Cyclone Yasi shredded their habitat in Mission Beach and surrounds. 

“The authorities and emergency services personnel are busy assiisting people in their cleanup operations, so it is up to us to do what we can to alleviate the suffering of these magnificent creatures," says Bob Irwin.

Cassowaries are already in danger of extinction. We need to act right now to preserve their habitat.”

Super storms grab headlines for destroying rainforests but without these unique ancient birds, that can turn fruit into trees, we won’t have a rainforest to protect.

The Bob Irwin Wildlife Fund will work with a variety of community and government organisations that are on the ground in affected areas.

The first priority is to establish temporary food stations and generate a driver awareness campaign to avoid a cassowary road toll in the post cyclone cleanup.

Donations can be made:


Direct Deposit
Account name: Bob Irwin Wildlife Fund
BSB 034033
Account 169342

By Mail
Bob Irwin Wildlife Fund
PO Box 6177
Fairfield Gardens QLD 4103

For an interview with Bob Irwin or for more information please contact:

Emma Rusher 0425 841 331

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