Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bob Irwin has taken the rare step of appearing in a series of television commercials calling for an immediate moratorium on the hunting of endangered dugongs and sea turtles around the Australian coastline by Indigenous hunters under Native Title.

And in Queensland, the only state in Australia having no cruelty laws in relation to indigenous hunting, Bob has decided to speak out.

Hundreds of the endangered animals are washing up dead along our coastline from unknown causes, and uncontrolled and unmonitored hunting is a pressure they do not need.

The commercials will be aired in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland for two weeks beginning on Steve Irwin Day September 4th.

James Epong, an Indigenous Australian and son of Elders and Sea Country people of the Mandubarra mob Henry and Nellie Epong, joins Bob's call for a moratorium.

Ben Cropp, world renowned marine documentary maker and diver, will also appear in separate commercials, calling for the same, over the two week period.

In light of Australia's opposition to Japan's whaling, they feel we should clean up our own backyard first.

Link to cruelty:

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