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Australia's Kangaroo Carnage

July 21, 2009
Australia’s kangaroos are in trouble – real trouble!   Not only do they have to compete with devastating droughts, urban encroachment and habitat destruction of all sorts, they also have to contend with farmers, shooters, and governments legally and illegally -all immorally- killing them with little thought for their welfare and species survival.   The most sickening part of it all is that the Australian kangaroo industry – responsible for slaughtering 3.6 million roo’s in 2008 alone – is sanctioned by our very own government…  The very same government that uses an image of the kangaroo in its coat of arms!  

Every night in Australia, kangaroos are maimed and injured – many non-lethally – by amateur and professional shooters.  The meat from these brutally murdered kangaroos is then sold for human consumption both within Australia and overseas, as well as for the pet food trade.   Roo pelts are also sold to shoe making companies.

For more information on the repulsive nature of the kangaroo industry please check out these photos… 

The Australian kangaroo industry has become the world’s largest land massacre of wildlife and as Australians we should all be ashamed!  I find the kangaroo industry and its standards of animal welfare absolutely appalling and believe it is criminal that it is allowed to exist in a country that supposedly prides itself on animal welfare practices.  It is my utmost belief that the Australian Government (both past and existing) together with those responsible for the kangaroo industry have failed to address basic animal welfare issues…  The government and industry recommended method of killing joeys remaining in the pouch of their slaughtered mothers is to club them to death or cut their heads off. 

This is a prime example of the barbaric nature of the industry and is a truly disgusting and cruel practice which must not be allowed to continue! 

It seems that the government is able to overlook the abhorrent acts of animal cruelty that occur on a nightly basis under the banner of the Australian kangaroo industry, but I can guarantee that international (and most domestic) tourists visiting our country would be absolutely revolted if they knew the details of the barbaric acts performed against these iconic and magnificent animals.  Not only is the industry itself detrimental to Australia’s tourism appeal, but the effects that the nightly slaughter is having on Australia’s kangaroo populations is devastating!

Contrary to popular belief, Australia’s outback is no longer teeming with large mobs of kangaroos – in fact, if you travel to what were once prime kangaroo habitats,  you’ll now be lucky to see even a single roo.  With no monitoring or education in population dynamics, shooters are targeting the largest kangaroos (as on a per kilogram basis they provide the most profit) and are thus slaughtering the biggest, healthiest males in the mob.  As a result, shooters are responsible for detrimentally, and dramatically altering the natural evolution of kangaroo populations.

The Australian kangaroo industry is barbarically slaughtering our Australian icon to the point of extinction, and obviously has no interest in our future generations.   I would ask all of Steve’s friends both in Australia and around the world to join with me in boycotting all products derived from these unique and beautiful animals.  To voice your disgust at the Australian kangaroo industry, please write to the Australian Prime Minister or the Minister for the Environment:

The Honourable Kevin Rudd MP, Prime Minister
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Mr Peter Garrett
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600
Tel: (02) 6277 7640
Fax: (02) 6273 6101

For more information on the repulsive nature of the kangaroo industry please check out the following websites:

The Australian Society for Kangaroos:

The Kangaroo Protection Coalition:

Wildlife Protection of Australia Inc: 

Australian Wildlife Protection Council:   
and you might like to sign the petition at

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